An Aqademy where you can grow, develop and innovate.

Your business and skills.

Amazing processes for any type of recipe, formula or preparation.
Three types of courses, distance or face-to-face, designed around your needs.
Let yourself be carried away.


Discovering Qbo


Qbo is the system that revolutionises systems. It’s a new way to think about transformation in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. And much, much more. With our Discovering Qbo courses, you’ll see how Qbo works with your own eyes. Theory and practice: you’ll get a 360-degree experience that starts at the company and ends at the production line. You can try, taste and let yourself be inspired.


Qbo Master


Update your techniques, fine-tune your preparations, share knowledge. With Qbo Master courses, you’ll stay up-to-date on the latest Qbo developments. Whether you’re a user or a Roboqbo distributor, you’ll discover the most advanced functions, accessories and pluses.


Professional High Class

Classes held by the greatest Chefs and Pâtissiers, opinion leaders, and professionals from every sector. Thematic workshops, specialisation, fine-tuning. Professional High Class by QboSapiens shares the knowledge of the experts. A showcase of demonstrations right before your eyes, to learn and be astonished, to discover and improve.

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