An Academy to grow, develop, and innovate your business and skills.

Every educational path, masterclass or workshop is held by our R&D team which is composed of chefs, pastry chefs, gelato makers and food technologists.

QboSapiens is a real immersive experience divided in three types of paths, both online and offline in class. These educational trajectories are thematic workshops, opportunities to exchange ideas, and masterclasses managed and presented by real over the top profiles in their own sector. A unique opportunity to see the greatest at work, and catch inspirations, tricks of the trade and new ideas.


Discovering Qbo

Designed for those who do not own a Qbo system, and are curious to find out everything about the benefits, advantages and opportunities that Qbo is able to guarantee. Discovering Qbo is the entry door to Roboqbo world, our experts are at complete disposal to provide an answer to every question or further request.


Qbo Master

For those who already own a Qbo, and want to stay on top of all the system upgrades as well as the latest usage options.


Professional High Class

The best way to see top professionals performing while creating quality using Qbo, in the name of creativity and innovation.

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